What is GradReady?

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Give your students personalized, engaging, behavior-changing financial literacy education

Delivered from a student’s personal account page, GradReady provides:

  • Interactive tools to help students make sound college funding decisions
  • A comprehensive suite of money management videos with helpful resources to support a strong financial future
  • Detailed budget education that can be customized and updated to track monthly spending
  • Personalized repayment counseling to help borrowers successfully manage loan repayment


This interactive, on-line curriculum is provided at no-cost for schools that purchase Cohort Management Essentials or use ScholarNet.

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Jeff Aalbers - Senior Director of Administrative Services, McNally Smith College of Music

The tools available through GradReady help to educate students on budgeting, tracking their loan debt, and understanding what is needed to repay their student loans after they graduate.

Jeff Aalbers - Senior Director of Administrative Services, McNally Smith College of Music

Key Components

  • An Approachable Platform

    Students learn online, participating in lessons when their schedules permit.

    Videos and interactive tools engage students in the material and encourage reuse.

    The organized and incremental approach provides students the right lesson at the right time.

  • Resources that Address Critical Issues

    With new knowledge and key resources students can:

    • Make informed decisions about paying for school.
    • Minimize their indebtedness while enrolled.
    • Successfully manage repayment.
  • Tracking Reports

    Understand which students are participating and which are not. Use baseline, interim and final exams to measure improvement in financial knowledge and behavior.

GradReady Survey Results: Users are Confident & Better Prepared

GradReady college affordability

GradReady improved financial behavior

GradReady builds confidence

I really like it!

Catherine D. - GradReady Student User

I really like it! I think it does a really good job of making budgeting kinda fun but still showing how important it is. It’s also very easy to use. I like that it’s educational and still gives you space to put in your personal debt and budget.

Catherine D. - GradReady Student User


Take a Tour of GradReady

With this tool, students learn online, participating in lessons when their schedules permit. Videos and interactive tools engage students in the material and encourage reuse. The organized and incremental approach provides students with the right lesson at the right time.


A personal profile page

The My Account section is a dashboard students use to:

  • Review or change profile settings
  • View results of their pre-course questionnaire and complete the final exam
  • Track progress as key activities are completed
  • Access money skills topics and review or retake quizzes

Using the dashboard, students can see their success and understand next steps.

Profile Page GradReady


Educational videos

In the Money Skills section students have easy access to money management lessons. Videos, Helpful Resources and Frequently Asked Questions are introduced to help them learn more about a specific topic.

Once they have watched the videos and reviewed the resources, it’s time to take a quiz to show what they have learned.

Financing Plan

The Financing Plan is an interactive worksheet students and families use to track cost of attendance, family resources, and financial aid to determine if a funding gap exists. Students can create several financing plans to compare schools, aggregate academic years, or simulate various funding scenarios.



The Debt-O-Meter

The Debt-O-Meter is a unique, interactive tool that provides insight into how manageable future student loan payments might be for a borrower. By considering such factors as projected graduation date, current and future loans, and potential salary for a chosen career path, borrowers will receive a “debt-to-income ratio”, or the percentage of their income they can expect to go towards paying student loans using a standard repayment plan. The percentage is reflected in a meter that indicates if the payment will be manageable, challenging, or complex based on the information provided by the borrower.


The Budget is an interactive spreadsheet that allows students to create a monthly record of projected and actual income and expenses. This financial monitoring tool helps keep the student on track to meet their financing plan goals.



The Electronic Loan Counselor

Students receive personalized repayment counseling through use of the Electronic Loan Counselor. Step by step guidance helps students:

  • Add their student loans to the site, either manually or imported via NSLDS
  • Assess their repayment ability by answering a series of questions that determine eligibility for specific federal repayment plans
  • Receive detailed repayment options and estimated costs for each plan
  • Determine if the total payment for all loans combined is affordable

The Electronic Loan Counselor then guides the student in implementing their desired plan by providing a pre-filled, personalized Repayment Strategy Request form, and when applicable, the Department of Education’s plan request form.