Your time is precious. Maximize it with complete and concise default prevention reports.

Cut to the chase with reports that give you the details you need to make informed decisions regarding your school’s default prevention efforts.

With Cohort Management Essentials, you don’t have to worry about contacting multiple servicers, manipulating different files, or aggregating data to create useful reports. Instead you’ll receive timely reports that are easy to read, share, and follow.

Want to track a student, get an update on a student who cured, see an overarching summary of your students in repayment, or get key data that can help build your default prevention strategy? Achieve it with reports from CME.

4 Reports That Help You Oversee and Measure the Impact of Your Default Prevention Initiative

Monthly CDR Report

This report is provided for each active cohort. The Summary Section includes: a listing of loan statuses represented in the cohort and the number of borrowers in each status, the total number of borrowers in the cohort, the Cohort Default Rate as of the date of the NSLDS data used to create the CDR Report, the Risk Factor Rate, a prediction of the Cohort Default Rate as of the end of the cohort tracking period. A Detail Section is also provided and includes a listing of all borrowers in the cohort with loan status, CDR Date of Default (if any) and the numbers of days past due (if any).


CME Performance Report

This report lists the current status of borrowers who received outreach in a prior month. It shows the month when we first initiated borrower outreach, the initial days delinquent when we first initiated outreach, the current days delinquent, and the current status of the borrower’s account.

Cohort Management Essentials Outreach REport

Days Past Due Report

This report lists all delinquent borrowers from the three performing cohorts. It includes contact information, days past due, loan servicer, and servicer contact information.

Days Past Due Report

Grace Outreach Report

This report summarizes the success of our grace-end outreach. A detail report that lists individual borrowers accompanies this summary.

Student loan grace outreach