A Quote for Affordable and Effective Default Prevention is Just a Click Away

Cohort Management Essentials offers a locked-in, flat annual fee that is based on your school’s most recently published cohort data. This means:

  1. You know the cost upfront
  2. You avoid open-ended situations that leave you with surprise billing
  3. You’re not paying more for delinquent borrowers who cure but re-enter delinquency

You may select our comprehensive Standard Program that engages borrowers from grace up to default using email, letter, and phone outreach.

Or consult with our team to choose a solution that focuses on your specific needs.

To receive a price quote for our Standard Program, simply complete the form on the right giving us your name, school OPEID, and email address. We’ll contact you in 1-2 business days with a proposal.

Don’t have a .edu email address? Contact us for a quote.