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Footprints to Creating a Financial Wellness Program

For students to be successful, it takes a village. Join us as we walk through steps to creating a solid financial wellness program. If students don’t have the knowledge, confidence or expertise to manage their finances when they graduate, delinquency and default may be in their future. We’ll explore ways to build a financial wellness […]

Five Ways Student Loans Impact Credit

When your students borrow federal loans, do they understand the impact it will have on their credit profiles? Unfortunately, many students don’t-but they should. Actions taken on their loans during repayment will determine whether they’ll have a favorable or unfavorable credit history. Making good decisions can result in them being able to get job, car, […]

What Happens When? Situations of Student Loan Borrowers

Do you know what to do when student loan borrowers experience unfortunate situations that detour them from being successful in repayment? Bankruptcy, default, and unemployment are often just the tip of the iceberg. However, with the servicers help, there are options for borrowers–in any situation. Attend this session to increase your understanding of the options […]

Teaching Financial Literacy to Adult Students: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Financially healthy students are more likely to be successful in repayment and in life. However, your programs or resources maybe geared towards recent high school graduates. Adults students have different concerns and needs therefore could benefit from a program tailored for them. Many come to your school with previous loans, mortgages, time constraints, and/or life […]

Engaging Financial Literacy Program is a Game Changer

See official Press Release in PDF. Engaging Financial Literacy Program is Game Changer GradReady Lets Schools Assess Program’s Impact on Financial Knowledge and Behavior Eagan, Minn.—NorthStar Education Services (NorthStar), a subsidiary of Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc., (Great Lakes) introduces GradReady, a financial literacy program specifically designed to help colleges offer their students personalized, […]