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Who we are

Talking things through

We are NorthStar Education Services, an affiliate of Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc. We’ve been around the student loan block more than once. In fact, although we are incredibly spry and nimble, not to mention tech-savvy and hip, we’re not afraid to admit that some of us have been working with student loans since long before your students were born.

And we continue working with student loans because it’s a business we understand (inside and out) and love.

Founded in 1991 as a guarantor, NorthStar has worn a few different hats over the years, including lender and service provider to schools and national banks. As a lender and service provider, we used analytical data to drive operations and improve student repayment performance. In 2010, when the world around us changed we decided to bring our deep student loan knowledge, superior technology, and creative business applications to the marketplace.

Now, in collaboration with Great Lakes, NorthStar provides a suite of products and services to help schools, lenders, loan servicers, and other organizations better serve their students in higher education.

As a leading guarantor and servicer of student loans, Great Lakes serves the U.S. Department of Education and over 6,000 schools and 1,100 lenders across the nation. One of the nation’s largest integrated providers of student loan services, Great Lakes services more than $115 billion in student loans for 8.6 million borrower accounts and holds guarantees on more than $37 billion in FFELP loans.

What we do

Our mission is simple – to help students live financially healthy lives. It’s an inspiring goal, one that we take quite seriously, but can’t accomplish without great partners.

Yup, it’s true, we help schools help their students successfully manage their finances, and this is how we do it.

Responsive Outreach and Engagement – We improve student loan repayment performance. In simple terms, we manage the data that shows which students are struggling in repayment, reach out (aka throw them a life-line), talk about their repayment options and then help them communicate their strategy to their loan servicer.

Our approach isn’t unique, in fact you can do it too. It just takes – great data, targeted outreach and quality engagement. At NorthStar we mix those components with student loan experience, cutting edge technology, an unyielding focus on user experience and the persistence to not give up on people – who have themselves – given up.

Where we come from

We hail from the North Star State, that would be Minnesota where the winters are cold and snowy and the summers don’t last. As you get to know us you’ll see that our Midwestern values of hard work and integrity are nicely coupled with an innovative spirit and time-worn experience.